Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tiffani Cochran

OK, so last week I wrote about Jimmy and Travis. Now I want to write about one of the most under-estimated and under-valued people on our staff at Rocky River Community Church. Tiffani Cochran. She is the assistant to Jimmy, our church’s lead pastor. She's also his personal trainer and I sometimes tap into her for fitness advice as well.

She kinda feels like a sister to me. Someone I can bounce ideas off of and know she'll be honest with me (sometimes a little too honest!) You won't see her giving announcements, leading worship or preaching a sermon - but ALL the stuff she does is so valuable. With her many talents she frees up time for Jimmy so he can spend more time on his messages, with the church's staff, with his family and with the members of RRCC.

Thanks "Tif" - for ALL you do.

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