Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 has been an incredible year for me!

This past October 1st marked my 1-year anniversary on staff at Rocky River Church. I love what I do and am challenged by what I do. It’s been 9 years since I served on a church staff and things are so different now. When I started in 1995 as a youth pastor in Ohio, most people didn’t have the Internet, cell phones, DVD players or laptops and I was fresh out of college. So, of course, I knew everything there was to know about church ministry. Yah, right.

So, during my 4 years in Ohio, I could have learned so much. I look at the people who surrounded me back then: John Musgrave (the pastor I served under), Sara Snavley (my assistant and one of my best friends) and Randy Davis (youth pastor/friend.) These Godly people spoke to my life. However, my problem was all the book knowledge I had with very little or no life experience. I knew very little then and wish at times I could go back with the knowledge I have now. (Sounds like a country song, huh?) I would be more teachable. I would remember people (even myself) are sinners and I would rely more on God.

After leaving Ohio, I didn’t want to be a youth pastor or a full-time church staff person again. I just thought I’d retire as a real estate agent. Then, some changes starting taking place in my life – I became a dad, we changed churches, real estate started to slow down for me and the company I was broker/manager for closed overnight (huge shock.) By this time Jimmy had already asked me to come on staff to work with RRC’s small groups. So, I accepted and now I work with some great people who are more than my co-workers.

Teresa (RRC’s administrative assistant) is awesome. She makes me laugh and she challenges me with her honesty. Travis (RRC’s student/families pastor) is like the younger brother I already have, just 10 years younger. He has incredible insight and wisdom way beyond his years. Then there is Jimmy, RRC’s lead pastor. I don’t know if I have ever met anyone so like me, but so opposite of me too. I know it makes no sense - just ask Teresa, Travis or our spouses. They’ll agree. Jimmy is an awesome leader and has a huge heart for our community. He speaks to my life more then he will ever know.

I love the people of Rocky River Church! Thanks for a great year.