Thursday, May 29, 2008

My view of the Housing Market

So many things to talk about: movies, Nascar, politics, gas prices, the weather and other things. What is on my mind today are home prices and the Charlotte Market (Charlotte Metro Area- Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Union, Iredell, Gaston and York Counties). I am a news junkie- it drives my wife crazy with all the news I listen too. I feel so disconnected from the world if I have not heard the news for the day. I spend a lot of time listening to Fox News Channel in the morning as I work out, 1110 WBT AM in the mornings and Fox Talk radio on Sirius. As I write this I am listening to Britt Hume on the Fox News Channel. This is probably more information you desire to know, but I want to use this to make a point.

There is a lot of information out there about our housing market in Charlotte; however the places you go to get your information seems to be giving us 2 different stories. Our local media reports about our high foreclosure rates and the housing slump. I get so frustrated with Al Gardner and the Charlotte Morning New on 1110 WBT AM. The interviews he has seemed to always be negative towards the housing market. It is true the housing market nationally is slumping pretty badly in cities like Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Miami. Many reports say this is one of the worst in 35 years. BUT, there is a great positive side to our market here in Charlotte that is rarely reported on from our local media.

According to, Charlotte home prices have risen by 2.1%. Also according to, Charlotte continues to buck the national trend of declining home prices while other markets are declining by 2% - 5%. I wish we could hear more of this from our local media.

There are many factors as to why the housing market stays steady in Charlotte: 1) the mild climate, 2) the diversity of jobs and the continued growth of jobs in Charlotte, 3) North Carolina is the sixth fastest growing state and one of the greatest reasons, 4) According to Forbes Online, Charlotte is one of the cheapest places in the United States to buy a home. Where is this information reported in our local market?

I believe nationally we have hit bottom and it is all up from here. As you can tell, I am a positive thinker or at least I try to be. Now is absolutely the best time buy a home: prices are good, there is a lot to choose from and interest rates are great.

What do you think?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

“Why did I get into real estate?”

Someone ask once asked me: “Why did you get into real estate?” I had to take a moment to think about my response. I used to be a youth pastor in Youngstown Ohio and there where many great things about that job. I got to be a part of significant moment of people lives, such as: births, graduations, marriages and even death of a loved one. I enjoy people, I like hearing their stories and helping them. I like being a part of people lives during significant moments. Being a real estate agent allows me to continue being in people’s lives during one of the one of most important decisions they will ever make, buying or selling a home.

I very much enjoy what I do, but I do not take my role as a real estate agent lightly. There are people in business who have the same passion as I do, but on the other hand there are some who do not. I view my role as a Real Estate Professional as a servant/relationship job. While understanding their needs, I serve at the pleasure of my clients. If I do not give my clients great service they can fire me at anytime, so I work hard for them. It is also my desire to build a relationship with my clients that last way beyond the closing of their property. I know the best advertising I can have is word of mouth from my clients.

My purpose of this blog is to give information and my views about real estate and maybe build a relationship with a new client. Feel free to make post and give your comments. Happy Reading!