Thursday, February 19, 2009

Confessions of a Wolfpack Fan

I don’t really know why I am an NC State Wolfpack fan. No one in my family went to college there. In fact, everyone in my family pulls for UNC. There were only a few of us State fans in high school - Jennifer Lancaster, Monty Murdock and the Fishers. We were very out-numbered , but that didn't matter to me. I loved the Wolfpack and watched as many of their games as I could. I knew we would be competitive in basketball. But over the years that excitement has somewhat left me.

Jimmy V had fire and got us excited for the games. Then Les Robinson coached the team - come on, you don’t get athletic directors to coach. That’s why they are athletic directors - they can’t coach. Then after Les was Herb Sendeck. He was pretty good. He gave state a chance to beat UNC. He was a good coach but could never really advance the team further than midway in the ACC.

Now we have one of the heroes of the Cardiac Pack, Sidney Lowe, to save team. Honestly, I have zero excitement. I love State. I still pull for them. But I feel the way Tarheel fans felt with Matt Doherty. I am not one of those fans who pulls for one college team in one sport then another college team in another sport (there seems to be a lot Florida Gator football fans out there who pull for UNC basketball - I call that a band-wagon fan, folks.)

I know we beat Wake this year, but UNC is our rival and I want that game to mean something again.

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