Friday, November 28, 2008

A Different Direction

Hey guys - man how this has changed since the last time I wrote on here! The country has elected a new president, the housing market is declining, it is Fall and I am working as a part-time pastor at Rocky River Community Church.

I have gone back to what I studied in college. I never thought I would go back to doing full-time, I mean part-time ministry, again since I left the ministry back in 1999. But I guess God has a way of bring things back full circle, huh! I really don’t think I was running from God, I just figured I wouldn't get back into full-time ministry.

However, I was reminded of my calling when a good friend from high school, Scott Moyer, mentioned in an email the calling I had in high school. Right now, this position with RRCC is only part-time, but my prayer is for it to turn into a full-time position.

Either way - I am excited about pursuing my true calling again.