Monday, October 19, 2009

Lessons from my Son

I love being a dad. I have learned something from Michael Dean that I don’t think I would have ever learned if I weren't a dad. A while back I was reading on a friend's blog or posting on Facebook about playing with your children. It mentioned that when you are playing with your kids - turn off your phone, computer, and/or any other devices that can be a distraction. Give yourself completely to your child.

Well that's what I did. I bought MD a water sprayer for his birthday and one hot evening after work we hooked it up. He stood and watched it for a while, but didn't want to play in the water. So, I took off my phone, shirt and shoes and emptied my pockets and just started running through the water. I was acting foolish and having fun - which made MD want to join in. We were sucking in the water and spitting it out, running though the water and just having a great time. I didn't worry about work, emails or phone calls. All of my attention was on my boy. What a great time both of us had.

Later that evening as I was thinking about the day and the fun I had with MD, I felt we had really bonded. Then I had a thought - what would it be like if I had that undivided attention when doing my devotions? How much better would my walk with God be? What if I had that undivided attention in church? How much better would my service be? What if I had that undivided attention to my wife? How much better of a husband I would be?