Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Creating a Team Environment

Environment means the right soil to grow in, the right air to breathe in and the right climate to live in.

Questions to consider in leading a team:

1. Do I understand what it takes to be a TEAM.

T- tolerance of each other weaknesses

E- encouragement towards each other’s successes

A- acknowledge that each of us has something to offer

M- mindfulness that we need each other.

2. Are my expectations Crystal Clear?

“Having an understanding so you don’t have a misunderstanding.” -Charles Blair

3. Does my team understand “Why What we do is so some important?”

4. Does my team define success with their customer?

How to define success with the customer is by asking the customer what success looks like.

5. Am I holding people accountable for performance?

6. Do I seek out barriers and remove them?

7. Do I give the freedom required to learn, grow, and deliver?

8. Do I foster a culture of inclusion and Hire people that are different then me?

9. Am I a consensus builder?

The leader’s challenge: “Teamwork is a constant balancing act between self interest and group interest.” – Susan Campbell

10. Have I created a caring environment among team members?

Setting the Leadership Standard- Dr. John C. Maxwell