Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Traits of Entrepreneurs

DRIVE: a high degree of motivation
COURAGE: tenacity and persistence
GOALS: a sense of direction
KNOWLEDGE: and a thirst for it
HONESTY: especially intellectual
OPTIMISM: positive attitude
JUDGMENT: Knowing the wise from the foolish
ENTHUSIASM: excitement about life
CHANCE TAKING: willingness to risk failure
DYNAMISM: energy
ENTERPRISE: willingness to tackle tough jobs
PERSUASION: ability to sell
PATIENT YET IMPATIENT: patient with others, yet impatient with the status quo
ADAPTABILITY: capable of change
PERFECTIONISM: desire to achieve excellence
HUMOR: ability to laugh at self and others
VERSATILITY: broad interests and skills
CURIOSITY: interested in people and things
SELF-IDENTITY: self-esteem and self-sufficiency
REALISM/IDEALISM: occupied by reality but guided by ideals
IMAGINATION: seeking new ideas, combination and relationships

By: Earl Nightingale

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