Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Setting Godly Goals

1- Goals are a statement of faith.
Ask God what He wants you to do.
2- Goals provide direction.
Success is a step-by-step process of a worthy goal- Mary Kay Ashe.
3- Goals build anticipation and energy.
4- Goals should be out of reach, but not out of touch.
God is doing no more or no less than your faith in Him.
5- Set goals on what you want to become, not who you already are.
When you set goals, you are saying to God to do a work in me.
6- Leave room for God in your goals.
God blesses the flexible.
7- Set a time frame for achieving your goals.
Your goals are your dreams with a deadline- Mary Kay Ashe.
A goal without a plan is just a wish.
8- Believe you can achieve your goals with God’s help.
Nothing can stop a man with a right attitude and nothing can help a man with a
wrong attitude- Thomas Jefferson.
9- Share your goals with the right people.
You need other people to help you to achieve your goals.
10-Depend on God who can help you achieve your goals.

Jimmy Britt
Lead/Founding Pastor of Rocky River Church

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