Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jimmy Britt (see picture below)

Now, this may seem like I'm brown-nosing my boss. But I'm really not! It is a real honor to work at Rocky River Community Church and the people with whom I work. For many years now, I've been involved in ministries at several churches and worked at many businesses where I've had some pretty great bosses and co-workers. But, I gotta say - Jimmy Britt is one of the best.

He takes himself seriously enough to fulfill God’s calling in his life and for the town of Harrisburg, but not too seriously where he can't laugh at himself (and at me too!) I sit in staff meetings and listen to his vision for our church. I hear his compassion for hurting people and his desire for our church to be a light in the Harrisburg community. I enjoy hearing his sermons as well as all the conversations we have that challenge me to grow in my faith. He also has an awesome wife, who truly is his better half (and who takes great care of my boy in the nursery) and 2 great kids - Annie and James.

OK, enough of the brown-nosing. It really is awesome for my family and me to be a part of one of the greatest churches around.

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