Friday, June 20, 2008

Why You Need Me as Your REALTOR® - Part 2

(In case you missed it, click here for Part 1)

Security When I market your property, you avoid allowing strangers into your home. REALTORS® will generally pre-screen and accompany qualified prospects through your property. This increases your safety and allows for any last minute preparations. As a licensed real estate agent in North Carolina, I go through an extensive background check before I can help someone buy or sell property.

Negotiating As your REALTOR® in selling your home, I can assist you with objectively evaluating every buyer's proposal without compromising your marketing position. As your REALTOR® in buying your home, I evaluate the property that you are buying to make sure you get the best price. This initial agreement is only the start of a process that involves appraisals, inspections, and financing - and a lot of obstacles that may come up before the closing of your home. As a real estate professional, I can help you write a legally-binding agreement that will more likely make it through this complicated process.

Monitoring, Renegotiating and Closing Getting the contract to buy or sell a home is only the start of the process. Between the initial sales agreement and closing/settlement, questions may arise. For example, unexpected repairs which are pointed out after a home inspection takes place. There could be financing problems or a concern with the title that could surface after going under contract and before we close on the property. The required paperwork alone is intimidating for most buyers and sellers. As your REALTOR®, I am the best person to objectively help you resolve these issues and move the transaction to closing/settlement.

As your real estate professional, I can also meet with other professionals involved in the transaction process. My industry contacts can make sure any unforeseen issues are handled reliably and quickly.

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