Monday, June 9, 2008

What do Home Buyers Want in North Carolina?

1. Central Air Conditioning is a must for the long, hot, humid days of North Carolina. We have pretty mild temperatures in the winter, but in the summer the heat and the humidity can make for long and sticky days.
2. A 2-Car Garage is more desirable than a 1-car garage and a 1-car garage is more desirable than no garage. If you are like me, the garage becomes a storage area, anyway, for things you think you will use, but never do.
3. Walk-in Closets you can't get enough of. I believe it is more fashionable and desirable to have “His” and “Her” closests in the master bedroom. Spacious closets are desirable for the secondary bedrooms. If you run out of closet space you could always use the garage, right?
4. Backyard/Play Area for the family. As families grow they look at communities and the features they offer such as a pool, playgrounds, walking trails and tennis courts. More people are looking for features in communities they do not have to keep up themselves.
5. Cable/Satellite TV-ready Homes. Oh yes, no argument here. More and more people are looking for special features, such home networking, theater rooms and fiber optic-quality images. With the rising cost of movie tickets, many choose to stay home and watch American Idol!
6. High-Speed Internet Access. Can we say goodbye dial-up and hello cable/dsl? Can you imagine a world without high-speed internet? Well, actually, I can. I remember paying for AOL by the minute, by the way.
7. Seperate Toilet Closet. Have you every woke up in the morning and needed to use the bathroom, but your wife was in there blow-drying her hair and you where too lazy to go use another bath because you wanted your personal throne? Enough said.
8. Patio for Outdoor Entertaining. I desire to be a BBQ master and show off for my friends, but for now I have to settle for my 10 x 10 cement pad.
9. Fencing. Many people think that fences are good so the dog and kids can run around wild all day outside. I have to agree with Robert Frost, “Good fences make for good neighbors.”
10. Homes Less than 10 Years Old. Part of me agrees with this and part of me does not. Brand-spanking new homes tend to appreciate faster in value, but after a while they begin to all look the same. Old homes might need to be updated but have character and you can upfit them to your personal taste.

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Courtney said...

Ah, a separate toilet and closet would be nice, huh?! Love...your wife :)