Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Elijah's name

A few days ago, I learned something about Elijah that I have never noticed before. I cannot believe that I never caught it or stuck out to me. It is Elijah’s name. You see, I went to a Bible University in Florida and I had the option of taking Greek and Hebrew but choose to take things “less hard.” I minored in the New Testament so I took only the Old Testament classes that I was required to take. SO- it is not wonder that I never caught this before about Elijah’s name. “EL” in Hebrew means “God” and “JAH” means “Jehovah”. The “I” that is between the “EL” and the “JAH” means my or mine. So Elijah means, “My God is Jehovah” or “The Lord is my God.” Wow- what an awesome proclamation with a name, every time someone would say his name- Elijah, they are saying- ‘The Lord is my God.”

I wish my name were that cool- Donnie- is Irish and means “World Ruler.” I wonder what world- Middle Earth? My middle name is even less cool- Dean is Old English and means “Dweller in the Valley.” Now that is something to tell everyone- “The World Ruler dwells in the Valley.”

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